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    iaward giving error while giving award to some member.. please upload new version .. its fixed version which is uploaded now 8.4
    hiya ciko im trying to upgrade but im getting this error .. could u please help me out .. im stucked in the middle of upgrade Incorrect prefix key; the used key part isn't a string, the used length is longer than the key part, or the storage engine doesn't support unique prefix keys /home/abonlineshop/public_html/applications/core/sources/Setup/Upgrade.php::664 Retry? Continue
    There is new version of this file.. can u please upload tht version please :)
    Any update for this application please update this :) 1.1.8 version i think is latest .. thanks for sharing :)
    the file of this plugin is wrong u uploaded wrong .. its Additional Validation Fields plugin file not the read that topic annoucment plugin .. :) please check it :)
    thanks for sharing :) could u please upload nulled version too :)
  1. hi ciko how u doing.. bro i have a request for 1 application if its possible to get that. here is the link


    if u can please upload this .. :) 

    1. Ciko


      Hi,if you give me 50$ I'll buy you.

  2. hi @Ciko i need retail full suite.. its still missing bro :( ur retail version file have only forum. and nulled is fully suite. could u please upgrade this retail file with full suite including all application blog, gallery, download etc please please please .. :)
  3. still there is no full file of retail version :(
  4. where u shared the blog, gallery, download application.. ?? its still same file bro could not find full retail version files.
  5. @Ciko 1 more thing i noticed download catg name for ips is 4.1.0 . my suggestion is it should be simply 4.1 or 4.1.x . its just a suggestion :)
  6. hi @Ciko how u doing bro :) i downloaded this but this has only forum not rest of the apps. is it possible to get others apps like blogs, download, gallery apps we can get too .. ? if u have please share with us :)
  7. thankssssss alot :) u r such a helper :) make my life easy and helpful .. thanks alot :)
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